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Org Name Orgtype Name Description City Country State Reg Name Ascending
Potterton & Martin Vendor

Bletilla, Dactylorhiza, Epipactis & Pleione!

United Kingdom Europe
Ratcliffe Orchids Limited Vendor

Specialising in Paphiopedilums!

United Kingdom Europe
ThaiPioneer Network Co.Ltd. Vendor

cloned living rare Asian orchid-in-a-tube!

United Kingdom Europe
Orchid Talk Organisation

Welcome to Orchid-Talk the internet mailing list discussion group for the exchange of ideas, information, hints and tips on orchids and related matters.

UK Europe
Bergslagens Orkidésällskap Society

Sweden Europe
Karlstads Orkidéklubb Society

Sweden Europe
Nordvästra Skĺnes Orkidésällskap Society

Sweden Europe
Sydsvenska Orkidésällskapet Society

Sweden Europe
Västsvenska orkidésällskapet Society

Sweden Europe
Blekinge Orkidéklubb Society

Sweden Europe
Hässleholms Orkidésällskap Society

Sweden Europe
Kalmar-Ölands Orkidésällskap Society

Sweden Europe
Ystads Orkidéklubb Society

Sweden Europe
Östsvenska Orkidésällskapet Society

Sweden Europe
Finlands Orkidéförening Society

Finland Europe
John and Gerry's Orchids of Britain and Europe Photography

Photographs and information on various species of orchid found growing in Europe, including the British Isles

UK Europe
MöhltiMedia Photography

Orchid CD ROM with 9,400 photos and 20 interactive chapters on orchid care

DIEREN The Netherlands Europe
Cardiff & The Vale of Glamorgan Orchid Society Society

Barry in the Vale of Glamorgan UK South Wales Europe
Tissue Quick Plant Laboratories Vendor

Plant tissue culture production for commercial nurseries in the UK and EU.

UK Europe
Orchidforums.net - The Orchid Community. Forum

An online community featuring discussions on identifying orchids, pests and problems, general discussion as well as photo sharing. Free to join

Orchid Board Forum

Discussions and resources

Orchideal Vendor

Phalaenopsis, Cymbidiums & Dendrobiums!

Lebanon Middle East
American Orchid Society Organisation

The American Orchid Society is more than just a flower club. Throughout its 85-year history the AOS, in keeping with its vision and mission, has strived to bring our members timely and state-of-the-art orchid information, support basic and applied research in orchids, and monitor and support conservation effort both here in North America as well as throughout the World.

USA North America
Amherst Orchid Society Society

Affiliated with the AOS, the society meets 3rd Sunday of each month (except August and September) usually at the Munson Memorial Library, 1046 Southeast Street, Amherst, MA. Beginners meeting starts at 1:30. Full Meeting starts at 2:00

Amherst USA MA North America
Ann Arbor Orchid Society Society

Meets monthly from September through May at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens, U of M.

Ann Arbor USA MI North America
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