Are you presenting a judged Orchid Show?

Ravenvision can help.


Orchidshow© Plant Registration

A web-based system to handle:

  • plant registration
  • judging paperwork
  • ribbon and trophy results.

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login to the "Sample Show" as an exhibitor

login to the "Sample Show" as a registrar


  • Web based interface allows exhibitors to enter their own plants
  • Automated class selection assistance with integration into the Mid America Classification List
  • Easy plant tag printing with the option of a different format for Art entries.
  • Judging sheets automatically collated for each team.
  • Ribbon and trophy results published to web in real time.
  • Easy editing of plants and display locations (and everything, really)

Documentation and Resources.

How to be a Clerk

28 JanuaRY 2017
By Jay Norris

An overview of how to be a Ribbon Clerk for an orchid show. You will learn the protocols and paperwork behind sometimes confusing process of ribbon juding.

Orchidshow for Exhibitors

21st November 2015
By Maxwell T. Wilson

A video guide for exhibitors on how to enter plants. This video is for an older version of the system and will be updated soon, but it gives you an idea of how it works.

What others think

This system is currently being used for shows by the Southern Ontario Orchid Society, The Essex Country Orchid Society and the Eastern Canada Orchid Society


We have been developing this system for over 5 years and are now able to offer it (still in Beta) to other societies to help with their shows. Please contact us for more information.